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Deano Robbo #2 (Part 1)

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Deano Robbo #2 (Part 1)

Post  Deano Robbo on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:00 pm

A unknown car pulls up outside the arena. Deano Robbo steps out of it showing sighs of the attack last week.

Yuki runs over to see if she can get an interview.

Yuki: "Deano Robbo can we get a word?"

Deano Robbo: "Yes but make it fast, I need to go pay my bodyguard."

Yuki: "Eh, OK have you hear the news?"

Deano Robbo: "No what?"

Yuki: "Y2Jericho the man that attack you last week has been fired bye The GM because of what he did last week."

Deano Robbo begins look a bit upset.

Yuki: "You don't seem to happy about that."

Deano Robbo: "That's because am not I would have wanted to get my own revenge!" "What he did was wrong but not enough to get fired over but that not my call."

Yuki: "Well if you ask me he deserves it."

Deano Robbo snatches the mic off Yuki

Deano Robbo: "But I didn't ask you anything."

Yuki pause for a minute before responding.

Yuki: "Oh sorry."

Deano Robbo: "Now can we rap this up I really need to go!"

Yuki: "One last thing, What are you going to do now that Y2Jericho has been fired."

Deano Robbo: "I am ready for a fight and I am going to get a fight."

Deano Robbo walks away as the camera faids.
Deano Robbo
Deano Robbo
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Deano Robbo #2 (Part 2)

Post  Deano Robbo on Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:09 pm

Deano Robbo makes his way down to the ring limping all the way.

Bella: "How is he still standing after those David Bomb"

Deano Robbo get into the ring and grabs a mic.

Deano Robbo: "I must be the most unluckiest man ever, first I get screwed out of my match last week and now the man that I payed to watch my back takes me out as soon as I turn my back but its all good"

Fans: What?

Deano Robbo: "I sayed its all good. David I understand why you did what you did but you could have just told me that you wanted stop working for me instead of attacking me like that."

The fans begin to boo.

Deano Robbo: "I know you, you wouldn't of done it like that you would have done it smarter and with more guts. Someone or something got into your head and I think I know who it was."

Bella: "I wonder who it is"

Starz: "Well if you shut up maybe he will tell use!"

Deano Robbo: "It was that little (beep) Selena Gomez I saw you talking to her last at the end of the show last week."

Deano Robbo holds his back before going and sitting on the top turnbuckle

Deano Robbo: "She good at that. Getting people to do what she wants it must be they fake ass boobs that's she keep saying are real but come on Selena we all know there not."

The fans begin to laugh as Deano Robbo walk about the ring mocking Selena Gomez.

Deano Robbo: "Oh and David leave her she's been trying to get with everyone in the back. Speedy to name just one and to name another i cant its agenst the rules but what i will say is KOP."


Deano Robbo; "No but back to bushiness I want you one on one tonight!" "So speedy I recommend you come done her and make it official."

Speedy music plays and he appears at the top of the ramp.

Speedy: "Why should I make this match?"

Deano Robbo: "You owe me."

Speedy: "How is that?"

Deano Robbo: "You sacked Y2Jericho before I got my own back."

Speedy: "OK Deano you will get your match its going to be Deano Robbo Vs. Selena Gomez! Oh and to make it fair anyone that interferes will be fired."

Speedy goes to turn walk away before turning back and saying

Speedy: "Oh and that match is next!"
Deano Robbo
Deano Robbo
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Re: Deano Robbo #2 (Part 1)

Post  Molocher on Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:25 am

nice rp, really like it Smile


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Re: Deano Robbo #2 (Part 1)

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