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david answers to deano

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david answers to deano

Post  David"The Bully" on Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:57 pm

*ULLW DOMINATION are making the way to the ring*

David"The Viper"Maniac: Hey deano,remember me?

Molocher: Yea deano,you saw what did we do to ZackBOOMZAP ?

RVD: Oh man,that was realy cool...

David"The Viper"Maniac: Thats not the problem now guys...Deano,you called me stupid,and you messed with Selena...Selena is my friend,but she´s not the reason of me attacking you...The reason is this powerfull alliance who is in the ring right now...And whats your problem ?
I talk to selena if i want,she´s my friend...

RVD: Stupid Deano,you messed with David,so you messed with ULLW DEMOLITION to...

Molocher: Man,if you have any probs,i challenge you to came here NOW!!!1

David"The Viper"Maniac: And Deano,Selena dont have fake ass and fake boobs...

Molocher: How you know that ??

David"The Viper"Maniac: Nevermind...Were off!

*ULLW starts to leaving the ring*

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David"The Bully"
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Re: david answers to deano

Post  Deano Robbo on Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:30 pm

ULLW begin to walk up the ramp

Deano Robbo appears at the top of the ramp.

Deano Robbo: "Hold on for just a minute, why do you guys got your panties up in a bunch? I have no problem with any of you guys, yes David you attacked me so what that type of stuff happens all the time in this bushiness."

David looks like he's about to say something

Deano Robbo: "Before you say anything let me just say this you say that the little group of winy losers "ULLW DEMOLITION" is why you attacked me but its wasn't I know you to well you wouldn't have done it like that.."

David"The Viper"Maniac: "YES I would! That's the way me and my boys do things around here!"

Deano pause before begin to laugh.

Deano Robbo: "haha your boys? What you mean that these two guys work for you?"

Molocher: "NO!!"

Deano Robbo jumps back looking surprised.

Molocher: "No one works for anyone we are all equals."

Deano Robbo: "OK you guys keep telling your self that but we all know its not true the only thing that you guys are all equals at is sucking!"

RVD: "Grabs the mic off Molocher."

RVD: "Shut up!! Shut up you punk!!"

Deano Robbo: "Cam down man. I am only telling the true. Well guys I would love to stay her and make fun off use but I really got to go."

Deano Robbo gose to walk away before turning back to face ULLW DEMOLITION

Deano Robbo: "Oh before I go let me say this again I don't have any problem with any of use but I will if you guys call me out again and not just me, incase use didn't know I am a very popular guy in the back and I could get an arm of men who want to kick your ass's."

Deano Robbo turns and walks away.
Deano Robbo
Deano Robbo
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Re: david answers to deano

Post  RVD_tzeapa_romanu on Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:33 am

RVD:Wait just a freaking second Deano!Oh come on man,just wait,damn it!

Deano stops

Deano:What do you want "The Whole Sucking Show"?

RVD:Do you think that you're the only whan who has some damn friends?Do yo think that your damn friends will help you beat ULLW Domination?


RVD:I asked Deano,you stupid fans,so shut up!Anyway,Deano,they won't...You aren't the only one who has friends...I think you remember that here,in the roster is a guy called RPG...a guy called Sweetman and many others....So,I challange you to a First Blood Match next week!Are you on?

ULLW Domination is approcheaing to Deano.
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Re: david answers to deano

Post  Deano Robbo on Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:41 am

Deano Robbo turns back.

Deano Robbo: Oh next week doesn't really work for me and beside I sayed I don't have any problems with you. The only person I have any problem with is Selena Gomez and speaking of her in week 4 I challenge her to a hardcore match!

Deano Robbo: So david you can tell her that.

Deano Robbo goes to walk away before being shouted back.

RVD: Hey get back here!

Deano Robbo turns back once again

Deano Robbo: What is it? I sayed no to your challenge, now can I go I got stuff to do.

ULLW DOMINATION begin to walk up the ramp towards Deano Robbo.

RVD: If you don't want to accept my challenge then me and the rest of ULLW DOMINATION will make you bleed right here right now!

Deano Robbo takes a step back before smiling.

Deano Robbo: Is that right?

Deano Robbo clicks his fingers just as ZackBOOMZAP, Brian DuFault and Manuel Angle run down past Deano and begin to fight with ULLW DOMINATION.

Deano Robbo: I told you guys that I have friends.

Deano Robbo walks away as his friends and ULLW DOMINATION continue to fight.
Deano Robbo
Deano Robbo
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Re: david answers to deano

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