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Deano robbo Vs.  SolzTa

Jared johnson/RPG Vs. RVD/Sweetman

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still thinking of last matchs


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Starzs and Bellas

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Starzs and Bellas

Post  El Cholo on Mon Jul 25, 2011 5:50 pm

The camera zooms in to the commentator where Starz and Bella can be seen speaking among one another. As they speak to each other they don't notice that they are live on the show and that the camera is zoomed into them.
Bella: So Starz what do you think about our General Manager Fubu?
Starz: Well i know that he is a good General Manager for hiring me and also that...
Bella: That what? Come on you can tell me it is not like we are on air or anything so everything is just between me and you Starz.
Starz hesitates for a second and then sighs as she gives in.
Starz: Fine i just couldn't stop noticing that he has some nice eyes.
Bella: Yea your right about that Starz. His eyes are so beautiful. If it weren't for Yuki then i think i would be with Speedy.
Starz starts to laugh.
Starz: Aha thats funny if you think you would have a chance with Speedy. Well maybe you do since Yuki is pretty in all but she is kinda....
Bella: Starz how dare you say that about Yuki. I know that she does interview everyone in Ultimate Lucha Libre Wrestling but it doesn't mean she is a slut.
Starz: I was going to say that she is kinda flirty but slut wasn't the word i was looking for.
Bella blushes of embarrassment as she speaks.
Bella: Yes you were Starz. Well either way this is just between you and me right.
Starz: Yea sure why not Bella but i might have to agree with you that Speedy may have to watch out with Yuki over there.
As Bella and Starz begin to talk to each other they notice that the titan tron lights up as Yuki appears on it. Yuki seems mad as speaks.
Yuki: I guess you were hoping that i wouldn't find about this huh?
Starz and Bella both start to turn red as Yuki continues speaking.
Yuki: I am going to have to talk to you girls after the show ok.
Starz/Bella: Ok.
Camera fades off
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