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Tournament matches 

ZackBOOMZAP Vs. David "the viper" Maniac

Dean Savage Vs. Speedy Gonzalez

D1M17aR Vs. Cheetah

Zero Knight Vs. Ratedmargerea 

Normal matchs

Deano robbo Vs.  SolzTa

Jared johnson/RPG Vs. RVD/Sweetman

Rave Vs. ???

still thinking of last matchs


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Molocher's challenge

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Post  Molocher on Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:46 am

Molocher climbs on the stage and grabs the microphone. The crowd begins to become angry.

Molocher: Hey you losers!

The narcissistic smile of Molocher makes the audience even angrier and besides their chants of “boo” a bowl is thrown that almost hits the wrestler.

Molocher: I’m not even talking to you. Deano Robbo, you little girlie! I want to talk to you and I want the whole world to hear it!

Molocher: You feel pretty cool being the leader of your group of nothing, huh? Well, that’s why you will never understand what this is all about! ULLW DEMOLITION has no leader, we are all equal. And that’s the reason why we’re free.

You hear laughs of the crowd.

Molocher: Are you little kiddie tough enough to send someone of you team to his certain death?

The hall slowly becomes quiet.

Molocher: Because I challenge you to send me someone from your team to fight against me in a Hardcore match! No rules, nothing that prevents me from defiling my opponent!

Mumbling rises. Securities make their way towards Molocher.

Molocher: Someone of your team will die tonight, Deano. And it’s your choice who it will be. And his death will always be on your conscience, while no one would blame himself if I’d die tonight.

The Security reaches Molocher and pulls him backstage. Before he disappears Molocher again says something.

Molocher: But I won’t die tonight!

The crazy laughs of Molocher fade away. After a while of confused mumbling of the crowd Deano Robbo appears on the stage. After a worthy welcome the audience calms down awaiting Deano’s speech.

Deano Robbo: So Molocher, you think you’re really hard, huh? I’m not afraid of sending you anyone, because you couldn’t even kill a mouse. And yeah, perhaps nobody would even care if you die tonight.

The crowd laughs.

Deano Robbo: But if you really want this match, let’s see what you’ll say about THIS!

A video is shown on the titan tron, showing The Neckbreaker performing some of his most famous and violent moves. The crowd explodes chanting his name. Nobody can wait until this famous wrestler will show Molocher who’s the king of the ring.

The camera fades out as you see Deano Robbo leaving the stage.

As the camera fades in again you see Molocher’s locker room. He himself sits on his training bank with is face hidden in his hands. The short moments when his face appears between his fingers you can see that he is not far from becoming desperate. In front of him is his tag partner David"The Viper"Maniac, looking seriously angry.

Molocher: This is it. I’m out. I can’t face The Neckbreaker!

David"The Viper"Maniac: Oh shut up!

Molocher: No, really, there is no way I can win!

Molocher hides his face again, sounding like he’s almost crying. David grabs his head and forces him to look him in the eyes.

David"The Viper"Maniac: Look at me, partner!

You now see Molocher's complete face. He would probably cry, but it seems like his sadistic face just physically can't do that. Out of nowhere his fist flies towards Molocher’s head crushing right into his half-opened mouth. His face twisted in pain disappears as he falls backwards off the bank.
He instantly rises up again, ready to beat the sh... out of his friend.

David"The Viper"Maniac: Wohow wait, friend!

Molocher hesitates. Now you can see that his lips are busted wide open and blood pours out of somewhere deep in his mouth. His eyebrows have almost grown together by the angry face he’s making.

David"The Viper"Maniac: So is it you again?

It takes Molocher some time to understand, but as he does he puts his fists down and begins to grin. He looks like some kind of ugly, evil creature as he’s licking the blood off his lipps.

Molocher: Oh yeah! You’re the partner I need, let’s show this Deano-butler that ULLW DEMOLITION now rules here!

David"The Viper"Maniac: Oh yes, WE will…

The camera fades out, leaving the duo alone in their crazy laughing.


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