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Tournament matches 

ZackBOOMZAP Vs. David "the viper" Maniac

Dean Savage Vs. Speedy Gonzalez

D1M17aR Vs. Cheetah

Zero Knight Vs. Ratedmargerea 

Normal matchs

Deano robbo Vs.  SolzTa

Jared johnson/RPG Vs. RVD/Sweetman

Rave Vs. ???

still thinking of last matchs


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Post  Swift Silver on Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:32 pm

*The Titon Tron comes to life and starts to play Crusin' by Mac Miller. A overweight man in a yellow jumpsuit with the words "Swift Silver" pasted across his chest is seen walking out from under the Titon Tron. Some of the crowd cheers, glad to see a new face. Most are quiet. Swift Silver walks to the ring, then up the steel steps. He signals for a mic, and is thrown one*
Swift Silver: Heeelllloooo ULLW! My name is Swift Silver, as you can see on my shirt, and I came here, tonight, at your Pay Per View, to announce something.
*The crowd starts to murmer*
Swift Silver: Yes. A public announcement. For all the wrestlers here. Here in ULLW. The reason I am here is to prove why I deserve to be here. No, deserve to be in ANY federation.
*The crowd groans in unison*
Swift Silver: Yes, I know, repitition. I have to though. This massive gut of mine doesn't get me much respect, and I'm going to stop that. You know how? Somewhere, deep inside of all federations, are an equation. You know what that equation is? A+B=C. Now you all know enough about math but I have to substitute some of these variables. A. Now A is me. Me, Swift Silver, the wrestler. Now B. B is where people get confused. B is every single other wrestler in this federation. Now, you ask yourself, what is C? C is a win. By KO, Submission, Countout, doesn't matter. It is a win. When you mix me, and other wrestlers you get a win. A win by me. I WILL prove myself in the ring. You just wait. Just remember that. A+B=C.
*With that Swift Silver drops the mic, amist a arena full of cheers and exits the ring, smiling*

Swift Silver

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