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Tournament matches 

ZackBOOMZAP Vs. David "the viper" Maniac

Dean Savage Vs. Speedy Gonzalez

D1M17aR Vs. Cheetah

Zero Knight Vs. Ratedmargerea 

Normal matchs

Deano robbo Vs.  SolzTa

Jared johnson/RPG Vs. RVD/Sweetman

Rave Vs. ???

still thinking of last matchs


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Post  Haspitas on Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:45 am

Real Name: Haspitas Ballionlons
Ring Name: CG Haspitas
Other known names: The Cool Guy, The Crazy Guy(Mostly this one) and Cee To The Gee
Height: 6ft 2
Weight: 70kg
Gender: Yes please... um I mean male!
Age: 31
Nationality: Russian-German
Lives in: Wouldn't you want to know?
Alignment: Which ever gives the better chocolate.

History of CG

CG was born in Russia but moved to West Germany after his parents divorced. He was not as smart as most kids in school so he had a lot of problems when it came to tests and making friends. After the age of 15 he dropped out and convinced his mother to put him in a wrestling school. At the age of 18 he decided to become a professional wrestler and used his first ring name Texas Griller in HIW before switching to CG Haspitas at year later when he joined feds such as WUW and GWP. He has used this alias ever since because it was not only his true self but it did pretty well with the crowd too! He however decided to momentarily retire to help raise his daughter who is growing up but now he is currently working in ULL a new brand that is setting its sights on becoming the best brand there will ever be.


His gimmick cannot be explained since it changes constantly, so here is a list of things you can be expecting from him.

1. He will often do weird things even while in a match.
2. He likes to climb in air vents and hide in boxes.
3. Expect him to talk to you about things both him and you will not understand.

Accomplishments in his life.

1.He won a championship (which sadly I have forgotten the name, sorry Sammy boy) in GWP
2.Has been apart of two great dominating stables in two different promotions.
3.Got married, had kids and didn't even know about it.
4.Married a handheld tazer
5.Was VGM in GWP


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