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Deano robbo Vs.  SolzTa

Jared johnson/RPG Vs. RVD/Sweetman

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Niv and Sodapopkidd's encounter

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Niv and Sodapopkidd's encounter Empty Niv and Sodapopkidd's encounter

Post  GM Speedy Gonzales on Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:36 pm

sodapopkidd's entrance music can be heard throughout the stadium.He is seen wearing saying "A night in Shining armor" and on the back "Sodapopkidd" and in jean shorts.

Sodapopkidd: Hello ULLW universe. I heard word on Machismo that i will be facing Niv tonight. That's no problem for me to face him,but i-

Niv entrance music begins to play, Niv is seen wearing a black tank top that says "Niv=Best" on it and ripped black Levis on

Niv: Shut up.I'm tired of little bums like you.Always talking about yourself.Every low life scum bags like you think that because your a goody goody your gonna get what you want.

Crowd chants "What?"

Niv: I can see right through your little charade, but it looks like no one else does.

Sodapopkidd: What Charade?

Niv: You acting like a goody goody.Please, Everyone knows that the good guys get what they want.Well Soda if that's what you thought then i guess your not going to make it.

Sodapopkidd: What do you mean?

Niv: That people in this company think if there a little baby face there going to get what they want even thoughthey don't deserve it. Well guess what.Your not going to amount to anything in this company.

Sodapopkidd: Are you sure?

Niv then begins to talk to the voices in his head

Sodapopkidd: Hello? Are you going to just walk around talking to yourself,Because if you are i'll leave your crazy ass here.

Niv Starts to laugh demonically,then continues talking to himself

Niv(inner voice):Do what you have to do

Niv: I understand, but look at him.

Niv(inner voice): Say it.

Niv: Okay fine.

Niv stares into Sodapopkidd's eyes, When Sodapopkidd stares back he sees he got no emotions

Niv: As i was saying before, Your not going to amount to anything.When i looked in your eyes i seen your past,Your Present, and your future in this company. You were very wealthy when you was young. You got everything you wanted.You paid your way into the heart of your fans , by bribing the GMs with very Sufficient funds to make you there poster boy. Right now your wondering since i just told your little secret,your wondering how I found out.

Niv then sees a shocked facial expression upon Sodapopkidd's face.

Niv: You see It's written all over your face. It's entertaining to see a fake Luchador, get caught in a act.

Sodapopkidd: Now listen here! I am not a fake Luchador. Wrestling is my life.And i'll prove it in our match tonight.

Niv Such big words from a *censored*

Fubu's entrance music plays

Fubu: All of this arguing because you people are in a match tonight.Well i guess i have no choice but to have your match right now.

Bell rings

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