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ZackBOOMZAP Vs. David "the viper" Maniac

Dean Savage Vs. Speedy Gonzalez

D1M17aR Vs. Cheetah

Zero Knight Vs. Ratedmargerea 

Normal matchs

Deano robbo Vs.  SolzTa

Jared johnson/RPG Vs. RVD/Sweetman

Rave Vs. ???

still thinking of last matchs


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Paparazi Productions

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Paparazi Productions

Post  (K.S) Killer Star on Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:01 pm


The New Music and Entrance video hits the Arena. A man with a weird black and white hairstyle. Wrestling tights..and a Paparazi productions T-shirt starts walking down to the ring. he starts slapping high fives to a crowd. He has a Machismo about that personofies the show. he starts walking into the ring. then ask for a mic he has a camera and a tripod already with him. He starts setting up the camera and the tripod that it is focus on him..He pulls a tape out..he puts in the camera and adjusts to where he will be standing. he then grabs the mic from the ring guy and tells everyone around him to feed there camera feeds to his XRL 300,000 dollar camera. he then starts to speak with a playful/Sucessful voice...Its a voice of a confident man

K.S: Hello all I am the Killer Star....You do not need to know my real name, but I am extremely weathly guy, but by no means I am a guy who does not love his fans....It is because of you that I get my shot entertaining the folks with my Lucha Libre type wrestling.. This Fedaration screams action..because it does not accept nothing but the best athletes today...I am one of them..I have moves That will shock your mind...I have moves that will shock your soul, and that is what Im really after the average wrestlings fans soul and put it into wrestling

The Crowds cheers..Whiles K.S is adjusting his camera... It seems like he is asborbing the fans energy. He is loving every cheer.. even from the my skepitcal of wrestling fans
(K.S) Killer Star
(K.S) Killer Star

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Re: Paparazi Productions

Post  Shooting Star on Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:25 pm


This music and video hits. A man with a New York Yankees hat enters on the top of the entrance ramp. He is also were a blue, silver, yellow, and black mask. He has Yankees jersey on, he turn around that at the top it says Paparazi productions and under that is has the number 13 on it. He turn to look at the ring and points at (K.S) Killer Star then goes and walks straight at the ring. He enters the ring. He goes and gets a microphone from the ring guy. He walks over and stands next to KS. He starts to talk in a cocky voice.

Shooting Star: Whats up all of you people, I am Shooting star. I am the newest member of Paparazi productions. I might seem like i hate everyone but i just needed to get to the ring but don't start to hate me. Well that's is all i have to say now, but i will thank you all for letting me be here right now.

Shooting Star leans on K.S.
Shooting Star
Shooting Star

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