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El Grande Match Card

ULLW: El Grande


Tournament matches 

ZackBOOMZAP Vs. David "the viper" Maniac

Dean Savage Vs. Speedy Gonzalez

D1M17aR Vs. Cheetah

Zero Knight Vs. Ratedmargerea 

Normal matchs

Deano robbo Vs.  SolzTa

Jared johnson/RPG Vs. RVD/Sweetman

Rave Vs. ???

still thinking of last matchs


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Apocalypze attacks again (first show 2nd season)

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Apocalypze attacks again (first show 2nd season) Empty Apocalypze attacks again (first show 2nd season)

Post  Apocalypze on Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:40 pm

Yuki is standing in the middle of the ring.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I understand that there is somebody who has an announcement to make. I haven´t been informed who it is and what could be so important to interrupt the running show, but ..."

Apocalypzes music starts and he heads towards the ring.

Starz: "WHAT?! I thought we would hardly see or hear from this monster again after that incident with the truck and the brutal beating with the barbed wire bat. Look how many tapes and bandages cover his numerous wounds resulting from the brutal PPV-attack by Rated Margera. But apart from that he isn´t hobbling or anything. One could think he is at a hundred percent."

Apocalypze enters the ring, stares down at Yuki who isn´t sure if she should ask him any questions. He grabs the mic out of her hand and sais:

"A couple of days ago the world witnessed The Apocalypze issue a threat towards the GM of this crappy league. Fubu, I sure as hell haven´t forgotten about you. But after what happened at my interview when that little maggot Rated Mar...-"

The Crowd starts to cheer and chants of "That was AWESOME!" are heard through the arena. Apocalypze smirks and raises the mic again:

"Cheer as much as you want, you morons! Fact is: that pathetic little attack only adjusted my attention. If pain is what Rated Margera wants - that means pain far above the pain he already suffered by the hands of The Apocalypze - well: that wish is granted and guaranteed! He ran over The Apocalypze with a truck and beated me up with a barbed wire bat till he ran out of breath, but I still got up and delivered The Plague over his sorry ass! ONE move, and he could barely get up. And he tells the world later on, that he has some new submission move which I couldn´t stand?! There is absolutely nothing that this little bed-wetter could do to stop the once risen Apocalypze! Read my lips: NOTHING! Your fate is sealed, Rated! And you people can chant METAL SOLDIER as much as you want. Just know this: There are stupid people, VERY stupid people and then there are guys like Rated M who sign their own death penalty without even knowing it. So be it - his end is HERE!"

Apocalypze throws the mic away and seems to leave the ring. After a second he changes his mind. He turns back and looks atYuki who hasn´t left the ring throughout the speech. He talks to her, she shakes her head and answers something, slowly trying to reach the ropes and begging for mercy. She turns and tries to escape, but Apocalypze is faster. He grabs her by her throat and throws here in the next corner, knocks her down and delivers a horrifying Apocalypdrop.

The crowd boos, some of the fans start to throw their drinks and other stuff in the ring.

Starz: "JESUS CHRIST! Tell me, that has not just happened! That girl is no wrestler, she might be dead, that bastard is weighing about three times as much as she does! GET SOME HELP DOWN HERE FOR GOD´S SAKE!"

Apocalypze stands up, looks down on the motionless body and starts to laugh. Fubu shows up and rans towards the ring. He slides into the ring and attacks Apocalypze who takes a couple of shots without shaking or moving before he blocks Fubus next move, delivers a devastating headbutt followed by a Famine Slam and a Pestilence splash, both executed with obvious anger. Security staff reaches the ring, but nobody dares to enter.

Bella: "This is absolute carnage in ring here tonight. Could somebody stop that massacre please?!"

Apocalypze grabs Fubu and loads him on his shoulders.

Starz: "Oh no...he is going to execute his finisher called The Mercy Kill. This has nothing to do with sports here. It is revenge and he seems to have so much fun delivering pain."

As Apocalypze climbs up the ropes at the corner with Fubu on his shoulders, the music of Rated Margera starts and the crowd almost drives crazy.

Apocalypze releases Fubu from his shoulders and frightingly grins towards Rated Margera.

Suddenly the lights in the whole arena get out for a couple of seconds. When they get on again, Apocalypze and Rated Margera are gone.

Bella: "Oh my god. Where are they?"

Star: "At last there is help arriving for our GM and his girlfriend!"

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